Friday, 14 October 2011

Ruth Borchard Self Portrait Competition

In self portraits one can see artists at their more sincere moment. They are rarely painted to impress, rather more to experiment, to express.
There are almost two hundred of these honest works on display at the King's Place Gallery. I wish the selector of the BP Portrait Show would see the show and realise what an impressive selection of PAINTINGS this is. There are painterly paintings, whimsical paintings, desperate paintings, inquiring paintings, photographic paintings, nude paintings, dressed up paintings, faces, bodies, studios, bedrooms, gardens, each of the work in the show commands attention.
Here are some random photos, unfortunately there isn't a catalog for the show, so if you can, go see it !

John A. Smith, David Gleeson and Laurece Kell

Jaimie Boyd and Michael Grimshaw

 Yours truly and Juliet Kac

Helena Mc Grath

Celia Paul, accepting the first price of 10,000£,  with Robert Travers. They stand in front of Anthony Green's and Maggi Hambling's works


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