Monday, 17 October 2011

Emil Robinson at Waterhouse and Dodd

I really meant to write about this show earlier, but there's still a few days left before it closes.
Emil is one of my online friends, and hails from Cincinnati, Ohio. I was very happy to learn that I would be able to see his work in real life, as this rarely happens with American friends.
His works are shown at Waterhouse and Dodd, in Cork Street, and tie in perfectly with what is generally shown in the street.
Emil's colours are enticing and his choice of subject is even more intimate than just domestic, it rather seems confined to the studio or better to those interiors that become artist's studios just because a painter has set up there and started observing a subject.
I had the chance of finally meeting and talking to Emil at the preview, and we agreed how the Internet has been such a powerful tool for many artists to break isolation and find like minded people in which to find confirmation and inspiration.
One of Emil's paintings was also on display at the Art London Fair last week. I was talking to the gallerist there and he rightly made a connection to the work of Domenico Gnoli, whom I also thought about while seeing that particular painting of a shirt as other works such as "Blue Envelope" from the show.

Gnoli is not very well known outside Italy, but he was a marvellous painter. In my recent and quite disappointing visit at the new  MAXXI museum in Rome I was astonished that on the couple of hundred pieces from the collection on display there was only ONE PAINTING ! ( the rest being sculptures, videos, installations and the like). The painting was a Gnoli.

 Emil's show closes on the 21st of October.

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