Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Diarmuid Kelley's new show at Offer Waterman Gallery

Yesterday I saw a show of new works By Diarmuid Kelley in his gallery in Chelsea.
I have been aware of Kelley's work for a while, and I especially liked his portrait at the BP show two of years ago (this is an account of the sittings for that painting by his model).
I enjoyed the show very much. I found every picture beautifully painted, the unfinished areas well integrated in the composition, the wide tonal range and narrow colour range extremely appealing.

My favourite painting was probably this one, called "Justus Van Meestraeten (Uglow your way and I'll go mine)".

I liked the simple symmetrical composition, the grey-green-pink harmony, the pencil marks. I think many painters who have studied in London in the past thirty years have to take into account Uglow's legacy, and this is Kelley's response.

Here is the "Portrait of Justus van Meestraeten" by Anthony Van Dyck which provided the main title of the work. I have read on this article how Van Dyck is one of Kelley's favorite artists for the elegance of his paintings.

Congratulations to Diarmuid for his sales: yesterday twelve of the sixteen paintings were already sold, with price tags above ten thousand pounds.

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