Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize Opening

The show opened yesterday in a very crowded Painters' Hall. The winner and runners up were announced by Ken Howard in a brilliant and funny speech. I spotted several painters, like Paul Brason and Susan Wilson, but for me the real excitement was seeing Sargy Mann with his beautiful wife. His painting in the show is beautifully intense, I couldn't stop looking at it.
Among the portraits I liked Tai-Shan Shierenberg's "Young RE teacher" and Judith Green's 
"Unexpected Mrs K "
The first prize went to Melissa Scott Miller; she was there with her children ( overheard saying they couldn't wait to go home and watch EE on telly ) who often feature in her paintings.
Runners up were Peter Clossick,  Jennifer McRae, Wladyslaw Mirecki and Simon Turvey. The Young Artist prize went to Stefan Orlowski.
I recommend to go see the show (Painters' Hall is just about fifty meters from Mansion House tube station) especially for the diversity of works selected. I am proud to belong to this crowd !

UPDATE 25/11 : I have been told that my painting has been among the first ones which were sold ! 

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