Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Art Podcasts

If there's one thing I really force myself to do this is going to the gym. I know it's good for me but I really find it utterly boring and I am so good at procrastinating that I manage to find myself there around 7pm when it's crowded with youngsters literally letting off smelly steam.
Because of the random nature of my studio days, my general grumpiness and impatience, I don't go to classes where you are supposed to elegantly elongate your muscles, breath in breath out, nor to those where you are supposed to keep up with some frenzied individual with a mic.

I'd rather do my thing and that's when listening to some engaging conversation has the magic power of keeping me on a tedious rowing machine beyond my first sweat. Enter the arty podcast, an audio program that is just long enough to last one gym session ( or a good walk).

I prefer listening to podcasts when I am not in the studio, as some of them are so interesting that they actually distract me from painting. Actually some times while I work I listen again to the ones that I found more inspiring or motivating to see if they generate ideas or throw new light on the painting I am working on.
I am really amazed at how articulate and clever painters are, and I often recognise my mental processes in podcast conversations, normally much better verbalised than when I formulate them.

So if you are not already an adept of podcasts here are a few you might enjoy. You can listen while you are online or download them on your device through these websites or on iTunes.

- The Royal Academy 
Features academic introductions to shows by curators or artists, interviews and conversations.
The recent conversation between Tim Marlow and  Frank Auerbach is probably THE perfect podcast.

- The Newington-Cropsey Cultural Studies Center 
Features a variety of artists in conversation with the art critic Peter Trippi. Includes artists such as William Bailey, Lois Dodd, Gillian Pederson Krag and my friend Alexandra Tyng.

- Studio Break
It's a new find for me, I got there following the guys from Printeresting, a printmaking blog, and had a look around to find two interviews with FB friend Joe Morzuch so started listening. The interviewer, artist David Linneweh is very good at conducting the conversation and asks the same questions I would ask.

-Savvy Painter
Features artists in conversation with painter artist Antrese Wood. She touches on practical aspects of painting such as promoting the work, as well as asking interviewees about their career path or their daily studio practice. Artists that have been interviewed include Israel Hershberg, James Bland, Stuart Shils, Mitchell Johnson, Stanka Kordic, Karen Kaapke, Dean Fisher and many others.

-Suggested Donation
Generally more focussed on classically trained artists, and at times a little laddish. I recommend the Vincent Desiderio episode.

-Artist Decoded where Yoshino recently interviewed brilliant artists Alex Kanevsky and Nicolas Uribe. Not only painters.

-John Dalton Gently Does It is another very good interviewer. His podcass feature many well known painters and are quite long so they go deeper into the conversation.

Thank you to Elisha Dasenbrock who suggested some podcasts here in the comments.
I have enjoyed listening to some of the episodes of Artists Helping Artists.

I hope you like my selection. Alternatively you can go to this cardio class:


Elisha said...

Thank you for this! I am a podcast junkie and I just did a similar post about podcasts I love. Not all are art related, though. I like mixing it up when I paint. I'm always happy to have a few more! If you want to swap some podcasts, my lis is at http://elishadasenbrock.com/sketchbook/link-love-2/

ابوخالد said...
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Ilaria said...

Elisha, I'm so sorry I haven't yet responded here. Perhaps I was too busy listening to your podcast suggestions! I will update the post, thank you so much !

Art Work by Paula Swaydan-Grebel said...

Hi Ilaria, Just finished listening to the RA: Frank Auerbach podcast...brilliant! I just found your blog and am digging in to reading more posts, hopefully active in 2017. Thank you! Paula