Wednesday, 15 July 2015


Summer is always a long pause away from the studio as I spend some weeks in Italy and Spain so here's a brief recap of what happened in the past months and what's next while I enjoy a lot of family time.

If you follow this blog you should know about my new adventure, Print Solo
I hope that you have already visited the website, and that you will check it out again upon reading that starting from last week we have a great new addition: Print Solo Summer Gallery, a page with some prints for sale !

 All the prints in the gallery are an online exclusive: not only they are not for sale anywhere else on the internet, but some of the artists don't even have them on their website yet. And the good news is that they are very affordable and made by international printmakers who, on top of their artistic sensibility,  have great craftmanship and impressive CVs.

Golden Walk, a monoprint by Alicia Rothman on Print Solo Summer Gallery

Last week I have been interviewed by Lisa Takahashi (I really like her Cyclists prints) on the Jackson's Art Talk blog about Print Solo and my own work.

Of course the work on Print Solo has been at the expense of painting hours, but I feel like a strong push is needed right now and if the project works I will then be able to work more in the studio next year. Besides, creativity can be expressed in many ways.  I also had to travel a little more often during the winter so I worked when I had time without looking too much ahead. The resulting works are some still life that are about disorder and sedimentation in the studio.

Sopra 51x67 cm

Sotto 51x67 cm
I showed this one at Heatherley's School of Fine Art in an exhibition on Still Life and it will soon be shipped to a new collecctor in the Far East. 

Babel 102x76 cm

The next show will be the 20/21 British Art Fair at Royal College of Art in September. 

In May I had a painting selected for the Royal Society of Portrait Painting which is always a great show to be in. I recently completed a couple of commissions that I enjoyed very much, working from life with two beautiful girls and their musical instruments.

Not too much to report: I had a monotype almost selected ( the exact definition is shortlisted but not hanged) for the Royal Academy, best luck next year I hope. In June I paid a visit to my friend Maureen Nathan who is so brilliant with linocuts that it made want to have a go, it's addictive !

Head of Woman, linocut, 10x5 cm
Satyr III, monotype, 20x15 cm

I have quit teaching regularly in Lots Road but I have been doing some substitutions standing in for Alex Fowler and James Bland. I also have been asked to take on a Weekend Masterclass at The Art Academy in autumn and I am looking forward to it. Details will appear soon on the Art Academy website , but dates are confirmed and it will be on the 10th and 11th of October.

 Have a good summer everyone !

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