Monday, 1 June 2015

Introducing Print Solo

Dear Friends and Readers,

  I am finally ready to talk about a new project on which I have been working for the last few months.
The idea came to me as I was looking for a platform to sell my prints online. I felt that large online art-sales websites were not right for me and also that they carelessly bundled up original prints and reproductions.  There is a big difference between them: reproductions, limited editions and giclee prints are basically signed photocopies of an existing artwork such as a painting or a drawing, while to make an original print the artist has to work directly on a matrix made of metal, wood, stone, linoleum etc.

  I wished there could be a website that focussed on the fine art of printmaking and that was reserved to established artists. And so I decided to take the plunge and make it !

  Print Solo is a website for all of those who concentrate their practice on printmaking, for those who, like me, have lately discovered the printing press and use it as a secondary medium, and for those who like to buy art and are keen to support artists, and for those who are open to appreciate and learn something about artworks that they had perhaps overlooked. Oh yes, and for those with a difficult-to-match sofa colour. I think this covers pretty much everyone.

     Printmaking is not just about being able to reproduce an artwork more than once but it is a fully independent medium that allows artists to do things that are impossible in other mediums: take the incredibly fine lines of an etching, or the softness of mark of a lithograph, the grain of a woodcut. Artists like Durer, Rembrandt, Morandi and Matisse have enhanced the quality of printmaking and took it to a sublime level. There is so much exceptional contemporary printmaking that is not often seen in galleries and deserves a space of its own where it can be shown and explained to the general public.

   On Print Solo printmakers will sell prints and artists' books independently; collectors will have a
chance to make contact with artists, see and buy prints from all over the world. There will be a blog with articles and interviews and a wiki section to learn more about printmaking techniques.

   It's not easy to become a startupper when you are a 47 years old artist but I have found a small team who's helping me doing things exactly as I had envisioned them. I hope that from these lines you can infer the passion and enthusiasm I have for the project and that you will support me in this adventure.
There is a group of prestigious printmakers who have lent images of their prints to illustrate the website. They set the bar so high that I now wonder if I'll be good enough to sell on my own website !
My ambition for Print Solo is that it might become a hub for the best in international printmaking and most importantly a direct line of support for artists. I'm also particularly keen to develop the artists' books department: they are beautiful works of art, delightfully tactile.
The whole project shares the same ethos as this blog: promoting knowledge, art and artists.

In the spirit of  hand-made,  the texture for the logo has been devised and made by yours truly.

  Print Solo is online now with a  page designed to compile a mailing list and to receive feedback from artists, collectors and art lovers. It is important that you visit, click through and let me know what you think by answering to the short questionnaire and leaving your email. I am planning to have a fully functional website built in the next months so that it can be launched after the summer.

Print Solo also has a Facebook page and a Twitter account to keep in touch with its community.



Travis White said...

I am certainly going to take note of this site, Ilara. Print Solo looks like a great idea for an online platform. We have a bunch of online platforms that sell a full range of products, but it is most welcome to have ones that zero in on a particular theme or practice, such as printmaking. And from what you've said, it integrates the best things from art software, social media, and online commerce. It is a very useful site and I hope that it is further emulated.

Travis White @ Marketing Digest

shevaun said...

Brilliant idea!