Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Upcoming Solo Show

Who knew I had such a rebellious streak in me ? Three years ago I started painting compositions of boxes and parcels and they had an immediate and quite unexpected success.
All of those paintings sold in a few months, and soon galleries asked for more. That's when the mutiny happened, I just couldn't paint that subject any longer.
For months I made a series of unsuccessful still lifes of shells and narrative figure compositions, I dedicated my time to printmaking and portraits.

  And then, all of a sudden, the boxes came back. The encore started as I was leafing through a book on Giotto and looking at his painted buildings: pink, green, baby blue, like being in a candy store. Then of course there's the marvellous elegance of Piero's Arezzo, and the tiny farm clinging to venetian hills in Bellini's Virgin of the Meadows. Those are my roots, that is my country, my colours, the light I know so well. Those volumes and their relationship, their haphazard but balanced disposition are the subjects of my most recent works. Twenty five oils are going on show at Galleria Elle Arte on the 31st of October in Palermo, Italy.

After Bellini, oil on linen, 40x50

I have uploaded images of the paintings in the show as well as the thoughtful introductory essay that James Bland was so kind to write on a special tumblr blog.  I can't wait to get to Palermo and see all the paintings hanging together !


Dennis Spicer said...

Lovely paintings, hope the exhibition is successful. I am always interested in how artists frame pictures, what have you done with these, any chance of a photo including the frame? All the best

Ilaria said...

Thank you Dennis. The large paintings are framed with a flat frame ( with little slip) that I order in natural wood on Internet and paint myself. The small ones have been framed in Italy, also in gray and white

Ilaria said...

I will post photos of the opening next week anyway.