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Mi Blog Es Tu Blog- Daniel Shadbolt

If you read this blog you might know that I have met Daniel back in 2009, admire and collect his work and have sat for him as well as painted him. I am happy to host this blogpost just the day before the opening of a very comprehensive show of his painting at Gallery 286 in London.
I am excited to see his recent work since I have been following its progress and development in the last couple of years. The surface of his paintings is very rich and it is extremely satisfying seeing it in real life, so come see the show if you can !

Interior with green blind,  2014  oil on canvas   162 x 175 cm

   My name is Daniel Shadbolt, I am an English painter aged 33 and am living in London.  I have been painting full time since graduating from Chelsea school of art in 2003.  I received a bursary and a prize for drawing when I was at the Prince's drawing school in 2004, and received the Bulldog bursary for portrait painting in 2008/9 in connection with the Royal Society of Portrait Painters.  I have been employed to teach by the Prince's drawing school and most recently at the Heatherley school of fine art (since 2008).   
   I have had pictures in the BP portrait award (2002), the Lynn Painter Stainers award, the RSPP, the NEAC, and the ROI.  I was selected for the Ruth Borchard self portrait exhibitions in 2011 and 2013, and have also been invited to paint portraits at Art in Action in Oxfordshire this year and last year.  I have had solo exhibitions since 2001.

The painting I have chosen to reproduce here is the largest picture in my exhibition.

At my 'New Paintings' exhibition, opening on 6.30 - 8.30pm Tuesday 10th June 2014 at the 286 Gallery in Earls Court ( until the 30th of June)
I call it the Green Blind as that became a dominant colour surrounding the seated figure.  It has been mostly painted at night, but more recently had the daylight coming in under the blind.  I added self portraits to try to increase the depth of the image.  It has been made in part from drawings but essentially from life.  I started it in 2013 while I was on a residency at the Machin studio in Sydney Close.  It was a standing figure in front of a fireplace.   The composition had a large blank canvas.  This all changed when I tried to remake the nude figure from drawings.  There is a part of the picture that was full of prussian blue pigment (I had used all my ultramarine), which, when I tried to change the picture, would not come off easily - this led to the paint accumulating quite thickly... in an attempt to change the colour and stop the blue from coming through.   


Here is one of three videos of the exhibition. More can be found here and here.

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