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I met Kim a couple of years ago as we painted together sharing a a model, and I admired her powerful paint handling, particularly in the small scale. Selectors for the BP Portrait Award have spotted her very early when they chose her work for the 2003 show - I remember admiring this painting back then ! Her recent London show at the Caledonian Club was excellent.
I am glad she has chosen this particular painting from that show, it was my favourite because of the strength of the image and the perfect mastering of the square format :

Self Portrait, oil on panel 30x30 cm

Who are you?

I am a painter living and working in London. I grew up in Scotland and made the move south 7 years ago to study on the 'Drawing Year' at the Prince's Drawing School. While I was there I met lots of wonderful like minded people and I've been here ever since.

Why this one?

I chose this painting because it was the last work I made which surprised me. I'm always looking for a new way of seeing and this painting allowed this to happen.

Something about it?

I made this painting in April while staying at my parents in Scotland. I have made many self portraits over the years, I use it as a way of engaging with myself and the painting process; experimenting with ideas about paint and what it can do. Most of my breakthrough paintings were probably self-portraits. In this particular one I was experimenting with using a black ground. I found it really difficult at first, every mark I made was in a completely different key from what I thought I was mixing on the palette. I often work with different coloured grounds, I'm excited by the colour vibrations you get when it goes well. I'm always trying to find the right balance in keeping an energy and openness in the handling while also trying to define the subject without losing the emotion.

Technical notes :

This picture is oil on panel (30 x 30 cm) which had been primed with blackboard paint.

Where is it now?

It's on show at the Caledonian Club, Belgravia ( in an exhibition called Two Scottish Painters with another Scottish artist David Caldwell. ( by appointment : 
Eilidh McCombe or 020 7333 8722, no jeans, shorts or trainers)

Basic Palette :

My palette changes but I tend to stick to using :

Titanium White
Naples Yellow
Lemon Yellow
Cadmium Yellow
Cadmium Red
Alizarin Crimson
Cerulean Blue
Ultramarine Blue
Paynes Grey

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