Sunday, 23 March 2014

Recent Monotypes

In the past months I have continued my printmaking activity and I have shown my monotypes at the Works on Paper Fair at the Science Museum in London.
I was very happy to learn that a very small monotype I made as a study while completing a large portrait in oil has been accepted at the Royal Society of Portrait Painters annual Exhibition and will be on display at Mall Galleries in May. This is the first time that my monotypes are recognised and having only started making them about one year ago I am excited with the progress I made.

Study for Queen of Sheba, 10x10 cm
Portraits are quite difficult to do, particularly at this size. I made about twelve attempts,  this one was number 4. 

      I must confess here that I do not draw very much, I really don't like working with line.
Learning to manipulate the ink on the plate has provided me with a way in which I can easily visualise ideas and quickly create images that hold a certain mystery and feel complete and self sufficient. I can satisfy my urge to depict a certain image that I have in my mind, or something that I have just seen.

   I have been at the printing press almost daily, particularly as natural light fades and the light in the studio is switched on. Printmaking fills moments of emptiness in between paintings and, as I always paint from observation, feeds the wandering mind when it needs to get away from that.

Night Drive I and II
An image I have seen for a split second driving home at night recently. This is an example of painting the same scene many times: results are never the same. Some of the changes are intentionally made by me, some just happen.

So some monotypes are directly related to my paintings, like the portrait above and others who are done from the paintings themselves; some are done from memory, like Night Drive or the ones I did of the flood in Rome after seeing it in February. 

These past days I have worked in a different way, perhaps more conceptual.
My friend Roni Taharlev made a comment on a tiny study from Bellini, saying that it looked like an antenatal scan. In fact there is a strong assonance between those images and the velvety, swirly marks of ink on paper. So I had this idea of translating these evocative pictures in monotype, and I have been making a series of works that reproduce scans in a larger scale. 
Growth, gestation, a sense of the cosmos, are all themes that I have found while working. With monotypes I can explore darker places.


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Sergio DS said...

Amazing work, it´s very interesting and original, love it.