Thursday, 13 March 2014

Mi Blog Es Tu Blog - Jill Bathorpe

I saw Jill Barthorpe's show a few years ago and I was particularly interested in her peculiar mark-making. I can see an influence of the Slade School of Art but then she has developped it in her own individual way.
Many thanks Jill for the contribution to this series of blog posts

The Blue Gate, oil on canvas, 20x30 inches

Who are you
I’m a painter based in London and Lincolnshire.  I paint landscapes and still lifes.

Why this one
It’s one of my favourite views.  I have painted it several times and I always find it fresh and exciting as the seasons, the weather and the crops change.

Something about it
All my paintings are based on an intense scrutiny of my subject.  I tend to return to the same places and use the same props many times as there always seems to be more to say about them.  I work from what is in front of me and what I find beautiful.  When I’m painting this landscape I’m aware the view across the fields is so horizontal that I look for as many verticals to counter that emphasis and days with deep clouds are perfect.  I find the shock of the electric blue gate against all that nature stops me in my tracks.

Technical notes
Oil on canvas.  I always stretch and prepare my own canvases so I can get the surfaces exactly as I like them.

Where is it now
It has just been collected for an exhibition of my work at Francis Iles Gallery, Rochester, Kent, opening on 27th March.

Basic Palette
Titanium White
Cadmium Yellow Pale
Cadmium Yellow
Yellow Ochre
Cadmium Green
Cadmium Red
Alizarin Crimson
Cobalt Blue
Cerulean Blue
French Ultramarine
Blue Black


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