Monday, 17 March 2014

Lynn Painters-Stainers Prize 2014

The Lynn Painters-Stainers prize Exhibition is now open at the Mall Galleries in London. This is a prize that has been created in 2005 to encourage representational painting, and it awards a very good prize of 15,000 GBP to the winner.
This year it was awarded to Catharine Davison for one of her beautiful and intricate views of Edimburgh. After her screech of joy at the announcement, in her acceptance speech she gave an account of how she moved to Scotland, gave up teaching and pledged to work from observation recording views of the city.

Below are some photos from the show. My first impression was that there were a lot of landscapes even though back home, upon checking the Lynn Painters-Stainers website, they are probably just a little more than half of the selected paintings.
Here are some random images of a few works from the show:

I particularly like this "Bonnardy" work by Bridget More, the Dog Bath. The watercolour Varanasi I on the right shows the diversity of the works exhibited, including some traditional travel watercolours.

Very few still life paintings. These two sinks by Alex Rooney and  Timothy Betjeman were hanging together. 

I was delighted to see "Whippet" by Colleen Quill ( top centre), who comes to my painting sessions in Lots Road, among the selections. A busy week for her as she will be also showing in a group show, Motherood, opening on Wednesday at Chelsea Town Hall, together with another selected painter, Sarah Jane Moon ( recipient of this year's Bulldog Bursary). This is her portrait on show: Nazita, Brixton.

Annabel Cullen's "Untitled (Adrian Gillan)" was awarded one of the runner-up prizes. We both had works at the recent Portrait Painters Today show.

I enjoyed seeing a large version of Eileen Hogan's beehive after admiring her smaller works at Browse and Darby's Christmas show. In contrast to the summery feeling of her painting, below is a subtle snowy landscape by David Caldwell.


Among the self portraits my favourite was this delicate one by Naomi Grant, who won the Young Artist Award a couple of years ago.

The discerning hanging of the far wall, featuring a self portrait by Cherry Pickles, two landscapes by Emma Haworth and Jenny Smith, a reclining figure by Charles Williams and a very complex figure composition by the brilliant James Bland.
A very good show for anyone who enjoys painting !