Monday, 6 January 2014

Mi Blog Es Tu Blog - Tim Benson

I met Tim several years ago as he was a substitute in a painting a class at Heatherley's. Since then we found ourselves together in a few prize shows such as Ruth Borchard Self Portrait Competition, RSPP etc.. We are showing together again next week at Milton Gallery in London in the Portrait Painters Today show. 
He contributes to the series with this bold and expressive work.

92 Years, oil on canvas, 48'x 48'

My name is Tim Benson, I am a 35 year old oil painter specialising in portrait work. I work from my studio in North London as well as in situ when I paint landscapes. I am a member of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters and was elected their Vice-President last year. I teach portrait painting at Heatherley's School of Art in Chelsea and at the Art Academy in Southwark as well as tutoring private clients.

This piece is very close to my heart as it is a portrait of my (now) late grandmother who was suffering with dementia at the end of her life, the painting is a homage to her.  It's called '92 Years', oil on canvas, 48" x 48". The piece is not meant to explicitly be a study of dementia, but I do hope that it resonates with people who know somebody who has suffered with it.
It is now back in my studio having been exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery in 2012 as part of the BP Portrait Award.
My palette was the same for this piece as it is for all of my other paintings: titanium white, lemon yellow, french ultramarine blue, raw umber, cadmium red. I have since added alizarin crimson to my arsenal. I find that I am able to mix most colours from these core paints. I also tend to use only one large brush for any painting, the simplicity of my tools helps me to maintain a clear vision for the work as it evolves; I don't want to be sidetracked by too many brushes or paints.

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