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Mi Blog Es Tu Blog - Gonzalo Orquín

I came across two of Gonzalo's paintings at a friend's house in Rome. 
I wrote him but we couldn't find the time to meet up; then by chance as he was passing by Palermo ( Sicily) during my latest show there he was kind enough to come to the opening and we have been in touch ever since. 
I find his beautiful paintings very Spanish in colours, and they all have that sense of longing that I often find in the work of displaced artists. This is his post:

Interno Nozze, 2013, oil on linen

Who are you?

I am Gonzalo Orquin. I was born in Spain in 1982 but I have been living in Italy for almost ten years now. I came here originally for the chance to study the art I love from up close, some sort of Gran Tour 2.0.
In 2006 I had my first Solo show in Rome with a good success and from that time on I luckily started to live on my art and had several shows in Italy and another Solo in Paris in 2007.

Why this painting?

I chose this work because is the latest one from a series where I have been studying nocturnal interiors and figures; in this case, a couple. I have been working on this motif for two years. I tend to have fixed habits so I stick to a theme for quite a while, I don't really like to skip fast from one thing to the next. I have a few ideas I want to work with in the future, perhaps the nocturnes will end in 3 or 4 paintings time, but you never know.

Technical notes

It's a very large painting, 180x220 cm. I am very peculiar about technical stuff. The stretchers are traditionally built by a real Roman artisan. Expensive but they are small masterpieces in themselves, seasoned wood sanded by hand, they are extraordinary. 
I prepare my own raw linen, it's a chore but I can't paint on preprimed because I like to maintain control drying speed and opacity ( my paintings are very matt in real life, because of the ground I use).  I also make my own medium, a mixture of turps, dammar and wax.

Where is it now ?

It's in the L'Opera Gallery in Rome. It was shown during Trialogo, a show that had quite a resonance ( for all the wrong reasons, editor's note ). It has now been acquired by the gallery.


Titanium and Zinc White
Ivory Black
Lamp Black
Permanent Carmine
Venetian Red
Naples Yellow
Yellow Ochre

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