Monday, 30 December 2013

2013 - Yearly Recap

   A quick post just to recap this blogging year: I have somehow managed to produce fifty blogposts !
My website and blog have now passed the 100,000 visitors mark, which, taken into account my shaky written English, I am very proud of.

   2013 has marked my return to printmaking and I wrote about learning monotypes in a series of posts. In these months I have opened an Etsy shop (that is now closed since I prefer selling directly from my redecorated website) and I have renovated my studio.
Two of the blogposts I wrote had a lot of interest, both having more than 1000 views: one was a short article on Michael Andrews and the other a reflection on the nature of small paintings.

   I also inaugurated a series of posts called Mi Blog Es Tu Blog: it started out as a lazy way of keeping up the blog during my Mediterranean summer months but I decided to make it into a regular feature. I invite friends or artists I am in touch with to chose and comment on one of their paintings. I love to promote and share other artists work, and occasionally I put my money were my mouth is. You can view all these posts by clicking on the tab at the top.

  Many thanks to all of you readers who have supported my literary effort !


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