Saturday, 23 November 2013

Mi Blog Es Tu Blog - Dean Fisher

I have been an admirer of Dean's work since I came across it on Facebook last year, and am looking forward to meeting him.  He contributes this post :

"In Between" 48 x 36 inches Oil on Panel
WHO ARE YOU ? I'm an American Painter living in Connecticut who lives and works in a converted barn with my English wife, the artist Josephine Robinson and our cat.
WHY THIS ONE: Because I felt this was a breakthrough painting for me, a leap from my love for the crisp, fresh marks of drawings on a blank sheet of paper to painting on a larger scale.
SOMETHING ABOUT IT: This is basically a carryover of what I do with the model during a drawing session, only it's in paint. It's the result of almost pure improvisation, I had a general idea of the main figure's gesture and as the model took new poses I worked them in and around the central figure. She rotated between poses, 25 minutes each, and the work was painted in a 4 hour session. This way of working felt very natural and "right" for me. I'm continuing to explore this way of working with some new paintings which are currently underway.
TECHNICAL NOTES: The background is the white of the gessoed panel, I feel it suggests atmosphere and air even though it's a flat warmish white.
WHERE IS IT NOW: It's in my studio.
BASIC PALETTE: Cremnintz White Utrecht White (Titanium and Zinc mixture) Cadmium Lemmon Yellow Cadmium Yellow Medium Yellow Ochre Cadmium Red Light Rose Madder Permanent Rose Alizarin Crimson Raw Sienna Burnt Sienna Raw Umber Chromium Oxide Green Viridian Green Cobalt Blue Ultramarine Blue Payne's Grey

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