Sunday, 17 November 2013

Me, Me, Me

    After some weeks that seemed very long I got back into my studio following a refurbishment. I now have a little more space and better storage. It felt like a very long wait but now I am back working at full steam.

Before ( lacking the mess that took up half the space)


It was hard to be "homeless" but I have been working on some portraits on location and of course I kept up my printmaking activity. I have now ordered a larger printing press that will arrive in a couple of months, I can't wait to be able to work on a larger format.
In the meantime two of my monotypes will be on display in a show called "On a Small Scale" at the Frame Factory in Islington ( thank you to the brilliant Kim Scouller who curates the show).

A.P. oil on linen, 50x40 cm

I recently finished this portrait that had been auctioned off at a fundraising event in aid of Miracles, a charity that works in the most deprived parts of London. Miracles has also involved me in a new portrait project. I'm honoured and humbled to be a part of it together with a prestigious group of artists. I have already started working and will write more when the project will be unveiled in a few weeks. 

Currently I have some works on display at Cambridge City Art Fair with my gallery Fine Art Consultancy. I am showing paintings as well as monotypes.  Other paintings are on their way to Singapore for the Affordable Art Fair next month.
I will be showing one of a number of shells still lifes that I have been working on before the summer. I feel I am just starting to making sense of these organic forms. I always like to paint objects that have had an artistic validation: shells have appeared in paintings since Roman times and have been a subject matter for many of my favourite painters. 

Nautilus, Box, Puffer Fish and Other Shells. oil on linen 90x70 cm

     This term I signed up for a class at the Prince's Drawing School so that I can keep up my painting from life practise. I always liked painting in class, I feel that there is a build up of concentration, that the collective effort seems to increase the individual focus. I must confess that classes also offer a welcomed relief from the anguish of "what to paint".
     The class is " Painting the Head" with Harriett Miller and Robert Dukes. Working from the model is such a different sport to painting commissioned portraits: the likeness is no longer a priority and  there's an urgency dictated by the limited number of sessions ( two, for this small painting on board). And the model sits still.
   Robert has also provided me with some written material on Patrick George that I will share in an upcoming post.


 Lastly I will be showing some portraits at a group show in London in January, details to be confirmed, so stay tuned !

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ian warburton said...

Hello Ilaria, I've been a bit quiet: at the Princes Drawing School, if you come across Beverly Fry say hi to her from us.I do like these new heads of yours and the new space looks good. I thought I might copy a me, me , me to you but can't seem to attach a work space photo to this. Ian.