Saturday, 30 November 2013

Hello, you are...

you are the 100,000th visitor to my blog and website. More or less.

   So this week my visit counter has hit this phenomenal number for which I thank all those that have read my blabberings and viewed images of my work. I find this quite astonishing since I don't write many blog posts and I cringe at rereading my syntax after a while, but I must confess I am proud.

   I celebrated this milestone with a total makeover, which means I rebuilt my website and the new version is already online. I also had a haircut, of course.
 My original website was made by me with iWeb on my computer and uploaded online. That program has been discontinued years ago and not only is now obsolete but in typical Mac fashion doesn't quite work with the newest software versions.

Before asking a pro I gave a try to some online website builders and I found that I actually could manag.  I signed up to different services and tried them out. Squarespace is the coolest one but I found it difficult to use ( I tend to overestimate my technomum capabilities). Wix is much easier but I really didn't like the templates, so I settled for Weebly, that is easy and quite flexible with designs. I can also change style whenever I fancy !

   A plus of updating the website was that they have an automated version for mobiles ( I have looked at my statistics and found out that I have 13% iPad visitors and 4% iPhone), so this is increasingly important.  There's also a way of tweaking the mobile version of the website, I just need a little studying on how it is done.
Last but not least I was able to add a store page where I offer my monotypes, so I now have everything  in one place and I closed my Etsy store. This eCommerce option has higher hosting costs but I found a way around it for the moment, using buttons generated on Paypal, so I can still enjoy a rather cheap Weebly subscription.

   I tried to make the website simple and reduced the number of works in the galleries ( to make space for new ones !). All in all it was way simpler and faster than I expected.

Have a look  of you wish:

Feather III, monotype on Tiepolo paper, 15x20

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Sophie said...

I never tried Squarespace (going to now!) , your website looks great and I’ll buy one of those montypes one day. x