Monday, 30 September 2013

Mi Blog Es Tu Blog - Kurt Moyer

It's not over 'til it's over, my summery series of guest posts continues with a painting by Kurt Moyer.
Kurt and I were together for two weeks this summer in Civita Castellana as residents of the Jerusalem Studio School Italy Program. I drove Kurt around in exchange for a lot of advice on landscape painting. 
 Here is Kurt's contribution:

Kurt Moyer
"Italian Bathers" 14x18 inches
oil on linen, 2013


I’m an artist living in Rochester, NY. 


This is a new painting, and one that I feel represents my thinking right now.  


        I started this painting about a year ago and I reworked it this summer.   I had just returned from Italy, and my memories of the Italian landscape and great works of art were still fresh in my mind.    I have been working with the “bather in the landscape” theme for quite a while and this piece is interesting to me because it feels so classical.  It’s possibly because of the Italian influence, and also in part, because I borrowed the pose for the central figure from Poussin’s Venus and Faun painted in the 1630’s.  One aspect the mythological and Arcadian themed paintings that I really admire is the way the figures seem comfortable and at home in their surroundings.  It gives me the feeling that we are looking at the human animal in its natural environment, or at least the natural environment we picture in our heads.  I am not currently working with the same mythological themes that Poussin used - I don’t feel that contemporary artists need them in the same way that artists of the past did.  However, I am very interested in the feeling and sensuality that a painting of nudes in nature can convey.  I like Cezanne’s bathers for this reason.  Especially in the late works I feel an overwhelming sense of beauty and never feel the need to ask “who are these people?”  “What are they doing there?”  It’s just not important to the poetry of the painting. 


This is an oil painting on linen. 


In my studio


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