Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Sisters are doin' it for themselves

In one month time I will be travelling to the US to attend the opening of a group show I am in.

In 2008 three american painters, Alia El Bermani, Diane Feissel and Sadie Jernigan Valeri founded a blog called Women Painting Women.
The blog highlighted the work of under-represented women artists who paint the female figure.
It became immediately popular; these are some pageloads stats referring to a couple of months ago:

  • United States 189242
  • United Kingdom 28823
  • Canada 25732
  • France 15080
  • Spain 13381
  • Germany 12201
  • Italy 11274
  • India 10962
  • Australia 5102
  • Turkey 1404

A mere mention on the blog has resulted in about 1000 visits to my website. The popularity the blog generates is a testimony of how people are interested in seeing what happens when female artists turn their glaze upon themselves.

Three shows have already sprouted by WPW, featuring both the founders and the artists whose work has been included in the blog.
The first show was in 2010 at Robert Lange Studios in Charleston, South Carolina.
In 2012 Principle Gallery in Alexandria, Virginia, hosted the show "The Expedition and Beyond", which showcased work resulting from a one week residency of a core group of WPW artists.
The same group this year has been raising their game and is launching a movement that has immediately picked up.

The occasion is the third show, WPW (R)evolution, taking place at Principle again. Each member of the core group has invited one artists to show along ( thank you Linda Brandon, my old friend, for inviting me).
The group has also launched an invitation to artists and gallery to put on their own WPW show. Six galleries in US have adhered and the movement is now international as Art Exposure Gallery in Glasgow ( UK) is also taking part with a great rooster of artists.
The plan is that a WPW show will become a permanent yearly feature for many galleries and that female representational artists will gain exposure and recognition.

I feel very privileged for having been invited and I learned a lot from the formidable artists who have taken on organising everything.
I think these points could really be inspirational for readers: it was a small group of artists that has originated this online, they have involved their friends and colleagues and everyone has worked with a great team spirit for the success of the show.
The artists in the (R)evolution show live far apart: Canada, different US states and yours truly in Old Blighty. We communicated via email, Facebook, Dropbox, sharing our images, documents and information.
If you are fed up with the amount of time you have seen the WPW acronym cropping up on Facebook, magazines and blogs, this is because the group has worked really hard not only at producing pieces for the show but writing press releases, putting together a beautiful catalog, contacting whomever they knew who could help promote the show, explaining about it to their own local galleries etc.

Have a look at the coverage this promotional war machine has achieved in recent weeks; the latest article is a comprehensive blogpost on the ever excellent Underpaintings blog

The catalogue is available for purchase HERE,
and finally this is the list of artists:

Hopefully next year we'll organise a London edition; sisters, get painting !!


Wendy Corbett said...

Yes!! Lets bring this to London!!

Sophie said...

Great stuff, sistah!
You go get them in the US - it has already spread to Glasgow! London must be next.