Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Mi Blog Es Tu Blog - Simon Wright

I met Simon two years ago at the opening of the Threadneedle Prize where we were both showing. 
I had seen his work online so I tried to identify him in the crowd, went up to him and introduced myself. I was so chuffed when he said he recognised my name as he was a reader of this blog !
Congratulations to Simon for his ever growing success and many thanks for this contribution:

Oil on board, 61x91 cm

Who are you?

I am a painter, originally from Lincolnshire, now living in Norfolk with my wife and three daughters.


Why this one?

It’s a good example of the pieces that I’ve been making over the last couple of years. The painting depicts a model plane that I built in the studio from scrap cardboard, wood, tape and string. The constructions are made with paintings in mind – but increasingly I am thinking of these as works in their own right. You can see more of them here on my very small blog!



Something about it:

It’s called ‘Hangar’ because it’s as much about the surrounding space as the form itself. The little struts and props support the plane and punctuate the space around it. I think of them as measuring marks made physical.


Technical notes:

I feel at odds with technique. I feel like a naïve and an outsider for the most part – but here goes:

I work on primed MDF. I do a lot of scraping back and scratching out (wire wool) when I don’t like the brushstrokes.I do measure when observing the model, but will sometimes work against this and make intuitive changes. I sometimes re-make the 3D model if the painting isn’t working. I work mostly at night, under light bulbs.


Where is it now?

With the Beaux Arts gallery in Bath.


Basic Palette:


Titanium white

Yellow ochre

Lemon Yellow

Cadmium Red

Burnt Sienna

French Ultramarine Blue

Viridian Green

Paynes Grey

Ivory Black




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