Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Mi Blog Es Tu Blog- Judi Green

I noticed Judi's work years ago while I was reviewing a show for this blog.
Her paintings all showcase her meditative juxtaposition of colour and sensitive touch.
Our plan of travelling to Italy together to paint has not worked out this year but it's still on...
This is Judi's contribution:


Who are you?


I was a Creative Director working in the design and advertising industry for over 25 years. I have been painting full time since 2003 and now live in Cornwall with my husband Brian, a freelance Graphic Designer, and four chickens. We have two daughters living in London.


Why this one?


Selected for the 2013 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition from over 12,000 open submission entries. I was so excited to have been shortlisted. My painting ‘ Living under Blue Skies, Autumn Sun ’ caught the eye of the art critic AndrewLambirth from the ‘ Spectator ’. He gave it a mention in passing in his review of the Summer Exhibition. Iwas such a boost that’s given mehope.


Something about it


On a rainy day in January with a “ I’ve gotnothing to loose “ feeling re-discovered this painting, which I have never been happy with and scraped and sanded it all back. One of three canvas’s of the same motif, the panoramic view from our apartment on the 6th floor while I was still living in North London (coincidentally the first one was selected for the Summer Exhibition2006 ) With plenty of drawings and memories I worked back into the picture, no pressure or expectations.


Technical notes


Working primarily with natural daylight from direct observation onto gesso primed MDF, andboth transparent primed linen laid on birch panels or on stretchers. I use brushes and palette knives drawing into and scraping back with a scalpel that has a rounded head no 10. Painting mainly in oil. I keep color diaries hanging around my studio of paint mixes on small scraps of paper that I refer too often. I can happily spend hours mixing, trying to get a colour that’s feels right.


Where is it now?


Still hanging in the Summer Exhibition Lecture Room until the show comes down at the end of August. It has been bought by a collector inAmerica .

Basic palette


The earth colours come and go, I very rarely use a Black and prefer to mix one


Titanium White/ Flake White

Indian Yellow

Cadmium Lemon

Cadmium Yellow

Yellow Ochre

Cadmium Red

Alizarin Crimson

Rose Madder Genuine

Cobalt Blue or Cerulean Blue

French Ultramarine

Phthalo or Prussian Blue

Emerald Green





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