Wednesday, 22 May 2013


I am happy to share the news that one of my paintings was selected again for the Ruth Borchard Self Portrait Competition.
This is an open show that will open at King's Place Gallery in London on the 21st of June and will remain open for the whole summer, until the 22nd of September.
It attracts a variety of entries ( it is restricted to artists living and working in UK) in different media, drawing, painting, print and mixed media.

This is the second time that I was selected for this biannual event ( read about the 2011 show here), last time I had submitted " Self Portrait with Earrings" ( read about it here).

For this year's entry I submitted a painting that I started in January of 2012.

The painting is called "It Struck Me Every Day" after the first verse of a poem by Emily Dickinson.
I read it while I was painting this work and it made sense to me.
   The poem has to do with grief, but I thought it could also describe the way our body ages and the feeling that getting old generates. One day I look in the mirror and I seem tired, and the next day as well, and those lines just don't go away like the storm that should have been brief but Nature has forgotten in the sky in Dickinson's poem. I thought about people whose hair go gray overnight and to the myth of the Parcae, gray haired goddesses who preside on birth and death.

For a long time in my life I was always the youngest: I was one year ahead in school, I was one of the younger mums at my children's school. Now, at 45, age has caught up with me.
Once I heard an interview in which a 26 years old model was asked if she was afraid of getting old. I don't remember what she muttered, but it's such a silly question because of course you wouldn't know until biological irrelevancy is looming on you.

Painting this work was cathartic, or perhaps has strengthened my resolve of understanding and analysing this period of my life. Most people who have seen the piece have been quite disturbed but I am very attached to it.

The painting is oil on linen mounted on panel. It was done with a limited palette of white, black and Raw Sienna and it's 33x30cm

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