Monday, 6 May 2013

On show this week

Nautilus, Conch and Puffer Fish 
oil on linen 70x90 cm

From Friday the 9th to Sunday the 12th I will have some works at the 20|21 International Art Fair at the Royal College of Art in Kensington, London.

These will be some new still life with shells I have recently been working on. My paintings will be on show with Fine Art Consultancy, who will also show me later on at the Affordable Art Fair in Hampstead, London.

Puffer Fish
20x22 cm oil on panel

       Also next week, as I have already announced, the Royal Society of Portrait Painters Show will open on the 9th of May at the Mall Galleries, London. I have had one painting selected for this show, the portrait of Daisy.

     Daisy is a lovely and very graceful English girl who has a Japanese grand mother from which she has inherited her oriental features.  She welcomed me in the home with her ballet shoes on and was pirouetting around the room as I painted her siblings.
When her turn to be painted arrived, she knew exactly what she wanted to wear: her beloved dungaree and favourite shirt, and don't they make all the picture really together with her long plaited hair ?

Daisy ( detail) oil on board 40x50 cm

  The painting is on a wooden box panel that I primed with a casein size. This surface is particularly absorbing, and gives a very good resistance to the brush. I like the surface of my works to be matte and "dry" and casein delivers this quality.
   When I work on canvas, I use some colours to "mattifie" mixtures that contain colours that I know dry shiny. Transparent reds often dry with a gloss, and W&N Green Gold for example, a favourite of mine, also tends to gloss over. I use Ochre, Kings Blue, or earths to add body and grit so when I mix I am not only aiming for a colour but also for a certain density of the paint.
Casein does away with these needs because it absorbs oils. I started using it in 2009 and the paintings I have from that period have not had any conservation problem until now.

If you would like tickets for any of the events next week, the Royal Society of Portrait Painters Annual Show ans the 20|21 International Art Fair, please get in touch and I will email you an e-ticket that you can print in several copies.


Tom and Maria said...

Dear Ilaria,

The casein size sounds really interesting, I too really appreciate a matte surface with oils, but Googling it, it looks quite complicated, how do you go about priming a board with casein? I would appreciate some advice!

All the best,


Ilaria said...

Maria, I use Case Alba by Sennelier ( order online from France, a pack goes a long way ) that is a simple powder you mix with water, voila' !