Friday, 14 December 2012

Painting classes


Next term is about to start and there are two places left in the class if any reader of this blog is interested in joining. Classes are from 10am to 4pm on Tuesday.
I teach in a studio in Lots Road ( London Chelsea), together with painter Alex Fowler ( we take on five sessions each each term). Alex is member and secretary for the New English Art Club and shows his work regularly in UK.

Alex Fowler, Self Portrait 

We are privileged to be able to paint in this very special place, a beautiful and spacious venue that has good light, large windows overlooking the river and park, a kitchenette and a little lounge where we relax at lunch time.
The studio is perfectly organised with easels, storage space for wet paintings and a variety of props for people who wish to paint still-life. There are a lot of art books that we use as educational tool and to provide inspiration and guidance.

IRDT, Head Study, painted in class

We always have a model sitting for us, making an effort to set her up with props and in a variety of poses each term. We normally have the same set up for at least three weeks, so that there is plenty of time to complete a painting. This term we also set up a blog for students where we post any painting that has been referenced during lessons as well as various news, current relevant shows etc.

Alex Fowler, Books on a Table No.1

     The student group is very hard working, some of them are more experienced and some less, but they all feed from each other's work. We try to encourage everyone to do their best, teaching is informal, everyone is encouraged to paint at the best of their ability.
If you are interested in joining the group next term ( starts on the 15th of January) please contact me and I'll be happy to provide you with more information.


Maike Josupeit said...

unfortunately too far from Berlin. Best regards, Maike. Love your paintings!

Ilaria said...

Thank you Maike, and likewise for your beautiful horse paintings, also admiring very much your resilience to paint outside... I can't be budged from my cosy and warm studio !

deasmone deven said...

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