Sunday, 22 April 2012


Thirteen paintings have left my house headed for Italy.
Works from the "Wrap" series, on which I have been working for the last months, will go on display in a show titled Interiors at Ellearte, a gallery in Palermo, Sicily.
This series of works feature objects that are hidden in boxes or wrapped in brown paper. Some of the boxes have been open, but what was in them is not revealed.
I have looked at and examined these boxes and packets, arranged them, piled them up, aligned them, introduced a narrative element, set them onto and inside furniture. They took the stage, caught my studio's southern light and just "sat" for me providing a real presence to work with. A tension must be created as the point of departure of a painting.
The show opens on the 2nd of May and will go on until the 28th of May. My works are paired up with watercolours by Barbara Arrigo.
Galleria Ellearte, via Ricasoli 45, Palermo.


Meabh Warburton said...

Ilaria, I tried to leave you a note to say how much I like the wrapped series, but I am not sure if it got through. Never-the-less I do. Finding them was a real pleasure.
regards, Ian Warburton.

Ilaria said...

Dear Ian, thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment, it matters a lot to me. I recently discovered your blog and work and I became a fan !

ian warburton said...

Well now, I have been thinking about your painting a lot. There is in them, breath, yes thats it, they breathe.
What I like too is that they are stories, objects existing and travelling and not just being there but being here too in the eye and in the memory.
You know how a good painting makes one want to try harder? That is how I feel about the wrapped series.

Ilaria said...

Ian, thank you for your wonderful words. It is a great relief that someone understands the seriousness in these works.

Josh Walden said...

As always, these are beautiful. I always leave your blog very inspired! Keep up the great work.