Sunday, 15 April 2012

I Wish I Could Go

Every summer, not that I can complain as I am probably in Italy seaside or poolside, I wish I could actually take a couple of weeks "off" from my long vacation to go on a painting course !
If this summer I could disappear without upsetting my family life though, I'd just jump into a car and get myself to Civita Castellana.
Two years ago I had the chance to visit the Italian Summer Program of the Jerusalem Studio School, as they were holding it very close to Siena. I was there during a very interesting critique session where I witnessed the extremely high standard of the teaching.
This summer the program will be held at Civita Castellana, a town close to Viterbo, about one hour from Rome. Not only Civita is a beautiful town, it's also at the center of an area that was a mecca for "grand-tourists" of the XIX century.
I cannot recommend this course enough! Although I wasn't yet able to take part I have seen the works produced and met several faculty members and I believe it would be an amazing experience to work under their tuition.

One of the teachers this year will be my friend Emil Robinson, who will be teaching the first two weeks of August.
Emil's course will be focussing on landscape motifs, and students will be working in paint and pastels.
His work in paint is mysterious and minimalistic, but not everyone knows about his amazing pastels, where he displays great skills in rendering form in the light.

My sons are growing fast and then I too will be able to attend !


expat-in-training said...

This sounds amazing! Please feel free to pass on my details to anyone who might need a model for this sort of course. What a location.

Ilaria said...

Hi Kelley ! You can contact the school at:
who knows...