Monday, 19 March 2012


I can fill endless lists with artist who inspire me, artists I would want to squat into like the alien from Men in Black, even artists I like although they don't really inspire me. There is another category, though, artists whose works leave me completely cold.
I know, there are so many painters I initially overlooked and I then came to worship.
I have worked hard at painters on this list, looked at their pictures in galleries and books, read about them, particularly when they are important reference for artists I do like.
Despite my good will these are the ones I just can't get excited about, actually they almost annoy me.

Leonardo ( as painter)
Goya- big gasp ( I love the etchings/aquatints though)
De Chirico


Carlos said...

Great!!! Love this post....please accept a virtual "high-five" (do people still do that??? you´ll have to excuse me...I´m still in the 80s...)
Totally in agreement especially on Leonardo and Goya (identical surname letters notwithstanding)...there should be more like us out there!

un abrazo,

Gary said...

Bravo, an excellent list. May I nominate Mr Bouguereau to the big yawn list.

Ilaria said...

Nomination accepted, one of those mysterious totally American phenomenons !

Dennis Spicer said...

have been reading your blog for a while now, great paintings!
I tend to agree with your list and I have often thought to myself why I don't get certain painters. I think for me it is mostly eighteenth and nineteenth century painters when the figures started to look too real and rounded. I am like you, a renaissance lover and there is an abstract quality to a lot of renaissance paintings, a simplicity where the image is both a person say, and paint on a flat plane. I start to get lost when things become too real. It is also interesting that my interest isn't really aroused until abstract expressionism which is also about paint on a flat surface, and modern figurative. Anyway, just some thoughts, keep up the marvellous paintings!