Friday, 3 February 2012

More Shows/1

During my Christmas holidays in Rome I saw a few shows worth of notice.

 At the Scuderie del Quirinale: Filippino Lippi e Sandro Botticelli. This was somehow a disappointing exhibition although it displays many masterpieces. The reason is that both the title and the introduction to each section of the show create expectations for works that are actually not there, rather than concentrating on the beautiful paintings on the walls. Sandro Botticelli's works are barely present at all ! The scuderie is a rather grand location and perhaps there were not enough artworks to fill it completely, although there was a good variety of paintings, medals, drawings and woodwork. I particularly liked the Lippi's Madonna with stories from the life of S. Anna, and the Madonna con Bambino from the Cappella Nerli in Florence.

Note the compositional structure of the painting

Filippino was the son of  Filippo Lippi, a friar, and Lucrezia Buti, a nun. By special papal dispense he was given the status of legitimate child, and he started his apprenticeship with his father. After Filippo's death he then worked in Botticelli's studio, hence the pairing of the show.

Apart fron Lippi's paintings there were two beautiful and as usual surprising paintings by Piero di Cosimo, Perseus frees Andromeda from the Uffizi and a beautiful San Gerolamo.


There was another Piero di Cosimo that I was going to visit, as I do most years, was the St Mary Magdalene in the Galleria di Arte Antica. It wasn't on display, but I was in for a surprise...

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