Thursday, 12 January 2012

AAAAA help wanted

Stevejobs, I love you but you let me down.

Dear Stevejobs, a few months before you abandoned us, your vision left me out of the picture. You have decided that your Apple wasn't going to host my carterpillar anymore. You moved everything on a cloud in the sky, and I'll be soon left without a home, unless I quickly manage to find out how to grow a pair of wings.

I come from a rather computer-illiterate country, I had to teach myself how to deal with computers when I already was of that age when your brain might not take in new things straight away. I taught myself what I needed to know, not much but enough to interact with the virtual world.

So, dear Stevejobs, I got a Mac and I built my new website on it, and I paid you a few quids every year and pushed a button and my website was online. If my links weren't working, if I had to add one tiny photo it took about thirty second to make the correction and the little icon for iWeb was jumping about to tell me everything was done.

So dear techno-savvy friends and readers, I am now looking for instructions on how to grow wings.  From my B.M.S. years ( before MobileMe Subscriptions) I remember hours of wait to upload my very, very heavy website, with lots of high-res photos on a server. For each change I made to a single page or for each page I added, I uploaded all the website again. Every time I tried to only upload one page the website was not working properly.

In my ignorance, this is what I understood about my options now that Apple has cancelled web-hosting.
1: I redesign and rebuild a new website from scratch on a server with an online design software. Auch.
2: I hold on to my website and I use an FTP carrier software to upload my ninetyfour pages all over again for every update. Auch too.

Hopefully someone can suggest me a solution or confirm that the late Stevejobs ( RIP) has hung me out to dry.


Sophie said...

oh Ilaria, it is not so bad! Really.
check a blog post out I did a while ago:
I use iWeb as well (brilliant program) you just need to move your hosting elsewhere. There is lots of choice out there and a lot of it is really easy to do.

Ilaria said...

Thank you Sophie, and what a good exhaustive post. I have done another research on hosting and it now looks like a few services are specifically mentioning ease and compatibility with iWeb sites. I still anticipate some headaches... my version of iWeb doesn't have direct FTP publishing :-(

Sandy said...

Perhaps your local Apple store will have someone who can help you with the web hosting. It won't hurt to ask them, certainly.

Ilaria said...

Thank you Sandy, I have tried but they couldn't help. With a little bit of reserach I now have found a good provider and will be switching soon.