Friday, 2 December 2011


I am not sure what the core subject of this post should be: an ode to social networking that made me find out about so many incredible and inspiring painters, a reflection upon how much a painting is or should be worth or simply the joy of buying works of art.

Anyway in this order this is it: firstly I confess I spend time just wandering around Facebook and snooping into photo albums of friends of friends of friends.

     So this is how I came across Harry Stooshinoff's paintings. Now,  I am not a landscape person. I can't paint them and I often don't get excited about landscape painting ( my fault). But with Harry's I just had to stop and pinch the screen to have a better look. They are undefined big spaces, non picturesque, and painted loosely but with intention.


Anyway out of curiosity I check the guy out and find his Etsy store, and this is when I fall from my chair at seeing the price of his works. These are not cheap, they are a steal.

This is what Harry wrote in one of his comments: " I am in NO galleries. I sell my work for chicken feed...check my etsy store. . I am a national treasure waiting to be discovered. But I'm extremely difficult to deal with :)".
It took me about two minutes to pick a companion for the above piece, and I have chosen this distant view of trees, I just loved the brushwork and interplay of colours in the sky.

Late Winter Blue, 6"x8"

So if you haven't clicked on the link to his online gallery shop, how much do you value these works ?
Harry, put yout prices up ! It's not because you are prolific that you should undervalue your work.  And everyone else, snap these paintings up before Harry comes to his senses.
Oh, and I received them safe and soud from Canada in less than a week, they are being framed right now and I can't wait to be able to look at them every morning and be delighted.


Katherine Tyrrell said...


Now you're not to tell anybody else about him until I have cruised through his Etsy Store......... ;)

I wonder how he does that fridge magnet thing?

Ilaria said...

Glad you approve, Katherine ! Will you become a collector too ??