Saturday, 19 November 2011

Vespa & ukulele

In the past weeks I had the chance to paint Kelley Swaine, an American writer and poet who sat for my painting groups. She has a wonderful face with large green eyes, I see her features as very retro', and she dresses with a touch of vintage too.

The day after our latest session she set off for France on a writing residency. As a consummated scooter rider I almost fell off my chair when I heard she was going to drive her 1967 Vespa to Paris ! Since then I have been avidly reading the account of her travel on her blog, Poetry, Science, and Other Tales of Writing.
Behind her beautiful calm face there was a real adventurer! The story of her brave journey with the faithful Vespa, carrying her, a trolley and a ukulele through the French countryside is extraordinary and involves a gipsy van, Dante's inferno and a huge translation mistake.

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Josh Walden said...

As always - beautiful work! I love the thick texture of the background, also wonderful work with skin tones and planes.