Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Queen of the back room

I am just back from the preview of the Threadneedle Prize Show.
My painting was hanging in what is by now my "usual" spot in the Mall Galleries, the smaller room at the back (it's about the fourth time my works hang there). The director of the gallery congratulated us on getting selected: he confirmed that the entries were 4350 from more than 1800 artists for only 52 works in the show.
Just before the speech, I introduced myself to Joe Tymkow, whom I recognised from his FB profile photo. Above is a photo of his work: it looks all white but it actually consists of a drawing of a figure which has been overpainted in white, it is barely visible from life. Joe explained to me that his work is mainly abstract, but he occasionally paints figurative almost as a form of doodling.

Seeing the show, I have to say I could hardly relate to the works included; apart from a few exceptions, I felt like I think  a classical musician might feel when walking into a rock concert.
I came to the preview wanting to meet two other exhibitor that I knew from seeing their work online. I didn't manage to locate Laura Smith, one of the seven shortlisted artists. I liked both of her works very much, both reminiscent of Richard Diebenkorn. Sorry but I also could not resisiting posting one of the scissors paintings by Robert Dukes, I love this one.


Laura's older work has been recently taken down from her website, but some images are still on this website. I regret that some of her portraits have gone, I often checked them out online, especially the one of actress Romola Garai.

I had more success with the second person I wanted to meet: Simon Wright.

Again I had stumbled upon Simon's works online and I visit his web page regularly.
As a child who always loved to make things, little models, paper snowflakes and the like, I cannot help loving his paintings of little paper creations. Paper boats, houses, chairs and more recently planes just make me want to pick them up and hold them on the palm of my hand. They have the same grace as Peter Callesen paper creations. I like the vulnerability of these objects, held together by a little bit of glue and tape. I think his works are a wonderful union of an emotional subject and a truly enjoyable technique, paintings that one never tires looking at.
Anyway I went up to Simon and his beautiful mum, introduced myself and as it turns out he had read my blog and knew my work! We had a nice chat and found out we share many favourite painters. I hope I am not violating some sort of law by confessing I voted for him in the people's choice !

Finally, on my way out I had this startling vision: Cezanne himself was in the crowd !


Katherine Tyrrell said...

I'm quoting you in my post on Sunday! ;)

So sorry to have missed you at the preview. Do give me a shout if you're in something and think I might be there.

Ilaria said...

Yes Katherine, what a shame, we would have had fun !