Thursday, 16 June 2011

Summer Show at Cricket Fine Art

My "local" gallery, Cricket Fine Art, is including four of my paintings in the usual summer show.
So here are the new works.

This first still life,  Roses with Peaches and Melon, is quite large, 60x90 cm.
I have found a shop on the Kings Road that sells real flowers, I mean flowers that live under the sky! I wish my painting could give an idea of the wonderful scent these roses had. The melon and roses together made my studio smell like a summer garden !
The open drawer of the table is an easy reference to Chardin, who included it in several of his figurative paintings. I love the half open drawer: visually it helps solve that problematic area for still life, but it is also an evocative and mysterious element; is there something in there, who left it open?

Chardin is again an influence for the second painting on show, Girl Reading With Tulips, an oil on linen, 51x64cm.
The girl in the painting is a friend's daughter who came to sit for me during school holidays. She has been a very patient model, her quiet presence set the atmosphere of the work.

Set up in the same corner is another still life, Flowers with Zocchi Print, oil on linen, 61x51cm.

The antique print in the background is part of a series my maternal grandmother gave to me when I got married. She was from Turin, and these prints represent views of Tuscan villas, so she felt it would be nice to split them among me and my sister because our Florentine blood. I have only recently started considering them as possible subjects and I am sure they will soon reappear in other paintings.
I am very happy that the show will also include this little head, mentioned in the previous post. It is unusual for galleries to show portraits, it is probably not easy to sell other people's portraits. For my part I can say that I have bought two portraits of strangers in the past ( this is one), and I really enjoy having my walls "inhabited" by these characters.
The show will be open from the 28th June to the 30th of July, if you are in London please come visit.


Sharon Knettell said...


Your colors and compositions are splendid.

Love the girl with the tulips. I am glad you are working from life your work reflects it. You have a beautiful feel for paint. Gorgeous stuff.

The Brits STILL HAVE not returned my picture, I have US customs working on it. Ran up a $100 phone bill.

Anyhow, seeing as I am working on a blog called "On Painting from Life"

Can I link you?

Sharon Knettell

Sharon Knettell said...

PS Good luck with the show.

Ilaria said...

Thank you Sharon !
Isn't it crazy that you still haven't got your painting back ??
NPG understood that they make a good profit from foreign entries and I guess they advertised the BP Award abroad, but they were rather bad at managing the big number of applications they have attracted.
Love your blog, there's a lot to read, let's swap links !

Sharon Knettell said...

Okie Dokie!