Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Season Redeemed

Let's spell it out in football terms: I haven't won the Premier League, I didn't qualify for the Champions League but in a last minute twist of this year's showing season I am unexpectedly in the FA cup final !
Translated: although my portraits this year were not selected for the shows I have entered them, a little painting has sneaked into one of the most important prizes in town.
The Threadneedle Prize is rather young, it's just in its fourth year, but it has established itself as a major art prize for figurative artists. A 41,000£ prize money definitely helped.

I entered the prize for the first time this year, I wanted to submit the painting "Commitee", of which I wrote here.
The Threadneedle's submission website was very good, allowing artists to write a short piece about their work. I thought this was a good opportunity for the artist to introduce and place the work in context, and in my experience of open shows a real novelty !
I also submitted two of the small studies I had painted for "Committee" as a support to the work. Well, in the end it was one of these small studies that was selected !
I was told that they had received more than 4000 entries, and only 52 works will be on show.

"Study for  Committee 2" is little more than a drawing with paint, done while I was considering if painting white or red chairs for the larger picture. It literally took me a couple of minutes to complete it from observation. I think that the patch of sunlight on the left side of the chair shows that I was actually painting from observation.
Of course I would have preferred that the selectors had picked the large painting, still I am incredibly happy for being part of this very prestigious show. I am looking forward to September !

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Sharon Knettell said...

Great Good Luck Ilaria,

We have precious little like that here.

I do like your foray into sorta, kinda abstration. The colored chairs have beautiful color.

I do think sometimes I tire of two eyes, a nose and a mouth!