Wednesday, 1 June 2011

One a day

Here are three small paintings on board that I painted during one day sessions.
I don't normally have such a limited time to make a painting, albeit small, as I normally work for quite a while on each picture, and I declare a painting finished at least four times before it actually is.
Anyway these are all on board, prepared with my favourite casein ground. In this first one I was quite distant from the model, always a good idea when I work on a small size painting: it helps me not getting too detailed.

The other two paintings were done with a model wearing a nice kimono coming straight from Japan ( thank you to my friend Bukie, and I got to keep the kimono after the class !).

I did not have a canvas prepared for the day so I arrived with a couple of small boards and I was not sure how I was going to use them. I am recently experiencing the need for more room to move around on the canvas, and the idea of painting large works doesn't seem daunting anymore. I immediately got used to larger size canvasses and now I find small boards harder to deal with.

During my recent short trip to Paris I was very impressed with some of Corot's figure paintings that I saw in the Louvre, and I thought I might paint something more or less in the same scale, this is 34x29 cm (13"x11").
I have deliberately made the head very geometric, egg like, abandoning any temptation to paint a likeness. In the background there was a pot of hydrangeas on a table; someone pointed out that they look like a flower painting on an easel, which I like.

This last small head is a result of a morning only, unfortunately I had to leave early. I am making some studies for a project I have in mind for next year, so I am experimenting different sizes for head only portraits.
I don't think I could paint a portrait smaller than this, at 24x16 cm ( 9"x6") it's a very "dense" size.


Candace X. Moore said...

Wow, I'm jealous, Ilaria. These are beautiful. So fresh, they really convey a presence. I especially like the brushwork on the third piece.-

Ilaria said...

Thank you Candace, you are very kind. There's nothing more exciting and more calming than standing at an easel in front of a model, that sums it all !

Sophie said...

These are lovely paintings! I know what you mean by working much longer on a painting usually and calling it finished many times over! It is great to break a habit and do some quicker studies. Something I should be doing much more. Great works Ilaria!

Ilaria said...

Thank you Sophie !