Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Ilaria Goes Conceptual

Late evening a few months ago: a friend forwards me a call for entry.
I understand it is some sort of juried show filmed by BBC2. I lightheartedly apply and before I know I find myself talking about my painting on camera in front of three judges on some sort of reality TV program cheesily titled "Show me the Monet".
My painting was probably too simple, or maybe simplistic, to appeal to the judges; two of them didn't like it and I was "voted off".

The experience of being severely criticised in front of an audience has left me a little bruised, for a couple of days my head was buzzing with things I should have blurted out during the filming ( not that I did not fight some of the remarks !).

  Anyway I had to digest the experience and I did it in my own way, with painting.
So here is my very first "conceptual" painting: The Committee. Oil on linen, 167x128 cm.

It is not difficult to understand what the subject is, but in fact I was very interested for once in trying a large scale work where I was not attempting to describe form but I was dealing with empty space and large flat surfaces hit by light; the painting is simply a composition of rectangles.
I hope my committee without an identity might look back at the viewer !
Painting this large work gave me time to think about how I need to build a thick skin to avoid being undermined even by the shallowest criticism. 
The rejected painting is the wonderful, marvellous, skillful, emotional, original: "Clelia with red skirt".

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