Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Group Show

I have two paintings in a group show at my representing gallery in Palermo, Sicily.
The show features thirteen artists to celebrate thirteen year since the opening of Galleria Ellearte.
My paintings are a studio of flowers and a portrait sketch.

I used this bunch of tulips for a larger painting of a young girl reading, the daughter of a neighbour who came to sit for me during the school holidays.
I actually painted this close up of the flowers ( 30x38cm) from the other painting to study the colour and the leaves better.  It is great fun to paint from another painting, in this case the flowers had wilted in the meantime, as it gives me freedom from the subject and more time to work. 
I then made some changes to the original painting following things I tried out on this studio.

The portrait is also one of two paintings I made from the same setting. I had three session with this lovely model and I painted this smaller work in the second session before going back to the larger work on canvas.

This one is done on board ( 36x24 cm) primed with a casein ground, which is very absorbent. The pink occurs in the background, flesh and robe, with a unifying effect. I love the contrast of the masculine haircut with the very feminine features of this girl, and I am glad I get to paint her again in two weeks !

The show runs from the 11th to the 31st of May.



jake gumbleton said...

This is lovely Ilaria. Love the punch of the pink harmony.

I am interested: in your paintings you seem to maintain a consistently high key (there are very few dark accents). Is this a style decision? It almost seems to be a trademark of your paintings.

Keep up the great work!

Ilaria said...

Yes Jake, I guess it is a trademark, but it probably happens because both places where I normally paint are very bright with big windows and diffused light, not much scope for dark shadows. For the "punch"I have to rely on saturation.
Thank you for your kind comment !

Super Villain said...

i really like the eyes and color in your work!

Ilaria said...

@super villain, thank you !