Wednesday, 20 April 2011

A long awaited debut

One of my former tutors at Heatherley's has finally decided to step on the virtual stage and post his marvellous portraits on the internet.
Allan Ramsay is a winner of the John Player Portrait Award, now BP Portrait Award at the National Portrait Gallery in London  ( some may wonder if NPG picks their sponsors among the most popular companies charts ).
Anyway I have learned a lot from Allan and I admire his work very much. He has an incredibly confident brush stroke which makes clear statement about form. He possesses the ability of mixing very harmonious neutrals and his paintings look as if they were executed with ease and flow even if I know there is a lot of work on all of them.

When I start a painting I often hear his scottish voice resounding in my ears with one of his teaching mantras:" Where is your darkest dark and your lightest light? "

Allan shares name and profession with the great master of scottish portraiture of the 18th century, therefore he is not easy to find on google. He just started loading images of his work on his brand new blog, so, to be able to visit it often and see more of his paintings and drawings, be sure to bookmark it or sign up.

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