Friday, 21 January 2011


It is a great joy to be able to buy some paintings from time to time.
Last Sunday I had the chance to go visit a painter whose work I like very much and came home with two of his paintings.
I was first aware of Daniel Shadbolt's work when his painting was hanging opposite mine in the 2009 Royal Society of Portrait Painters Show. Then again our works were hanging in the same exhibition at the Lynn Painter Stainer Prize later that year. I attended a drawing session tutored by him organized during the show. I walked away with one of the subject he had brought in for us to paint, a little dead bird, but that is one of my next stories.
Anyway I was always in great awe of Daniel's work and dedication. In December I went to the opening of a group show that he organized at his studio/house. Susan Wilson, a former tutor of mine, was also showing some of her intense portraits.
Having decided I definitely wanted to own one of Daniel's paintings, last Sunday I installed myself at his studio to choose. The poor man had to endure almost three hours of my chatting before being able to give me a send-off with a canvas under each arm !

So here are my choices: I picked a painting from 2007, a night portrait of a girl. It is a painting done in a shorter period of time than the usual. I liked the freedom of its marks, which suggest a rapid and intense action. The painting is also very tactile, and bears the change of cavas size which happens often in Shadbolt's paintings. It is rather different to his latest works that have a more compressed tonal range, but is painted with confidence and boldness.

The other work is more recent and is a view of the house's back garden. As Daniel put it, the shed in the back is "one of those things that look back at you".  I chose it because it was one of the urban landscapes, such a  typical London garden,  as opposed to the more rural ones he also painted recently.
I am very happy with my new possession which have been appreciated by the whole family.

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