Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Clelia with red skirt

I just completed a painting of Clelia, a model I have been painting for years ( I actually found a drawing I made of her in 2002 ). You also might recognize her profile here.

Clelia is a professional model and a performance artist, and a great asset for any painter.
Her large, deep eyes give meaning and strength to portraits.

In this simple setting I placed myself rather close to her and I painted standing. I was interested in the articulation of the hips: seen from above, the right angle formed by the thighs and the bust opens up a little and the figure is more open to the viewer.

I wanted to render the different distances, the hands being the closest to me and the head further away. I planned to do this by keeping edges in the head softer. However what visually interested me more and more while working was the spatial relationship between the hands, and the ambiguity of her left arm, which has both flat elements of drawing and a strong foreshortening.

The painting is 72x65cm, and took three full day sittings.

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