Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Chance meeting ( Roni Taharlev )

This summer, while I was spending a few days in Chianti, I made a short visit to the Certosa di Pontignano, where the Jerusalem Studio School was holding its Summer Program.
I learned about the program on Painting Perceptions, a very informative blog run by Larry Groff who a has also attended the program.
I was greeted by Rebecca Harp, who runs the JSS blog ( another regular read of mine): she showed me around the Certosa, and kindly introduced me to some members of the faculty.
They were all painters whose work I admire, until then only online: Israel Hershberg, Stuart Shils and Ken Kewley. I had the chance to talk to all of them and look at the work Stuart, Ken and Rebecca produced during the summer. The visit was a great source of inspiration and it seemed to me that the program is very beneficial to the students.
After chatting to Rebecca for the whole morning ( my fault), I had the privilege of assisting to a crit session. I was sitting on a side, telling her that I had a Facebook friend from Israel whose work I really like, Roni Taharlev. As it turns out, Roni was there ! She followed the program for the whole summer.
I immediately recognized her work among the thirty lined up for the crit, and as soon as I explained to her who I was, we said hello like old friends.

I had added her on Facebook months before after  seeing her work through mutual friends pages. I had written a message to her because I thought it was funny that we were both painting the same subjects at the moment, roses and portraits.

 Roni and I clicked immediately, we spoke about our lives and our work. She told me that she is the daughter of a poet, she told me about her family, her studio and her work. She is a strong woman, with a distinctive and fascinating personality. I like her attitude towards painting and share her interest for the old masters. I think that her work has an incredible emotional intensity.

Roni told me she has planted a lot of roses in her garden and I am looking forward to many more paintings to enjoy and learn from.

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Maureen Nathan said...

lovely way to meet a friend Ilaria, thanks for posting that.