Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Carlos Ygoa

Although we only met once, Carlos and I have shared many emotional moments.
 You should know that Carlos is a victim of an epidemic which has struck in my family too. Having lived in a contaminated habitat for many years I am sensitive to this illness but not as affected as my relatives. Of course I am talking about football. Carlos and I always comment football matches, and this year, with Italy out of the world cup so soon I just had to root for Spain.
Being the only woman in my household I have long been banned from the living room for making unrelated comments to the game ( footballers hairstyle, shirts' colours etc.). During world cup matches I often wrote to Carlos whom I knew was probably not watching because he can barely stand the pressure ! We have cheered for goals and waited for penalty kicks with an eye on the tv and one on the computer screen !

So, Carlos supports Real and is a realist painter!
He paints very large decorations in churches as well as small street scenes, large figurative works, still-lifes and intimate portraits, all executed in an earthy and rich palette.

Carlos is also an accredited copyist at the Prado museum which he knows like the back oh his hands.

He also paints multi-figures decorations for religious buildings, complicated compositions and large scale works.

I had the chance to finally meet Carlos in Madrid in 2008. I was in transit for a few hours with my sons and Carlos has been a fantastic cicerone ! He picked us from the airport, drove us around the whole town and gave me a beautiful watercolour. We visited the Prado together, then the Thyssen-Bornemisza museum, where we saw an excellent exhibition of works by Avigdor Arikha

What made the day unforgettable for my sons was not only Carlos' sense of humour and kindness, but also that thanks to him our tour of Madrid ended onto the pitch of the Santiago Bernabeu. 

Here we are under the statue of our myth Diego. I look forward to pay another visit to Madrid, Carlos beware !

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