Friday, 1 October 2010

Balla, Linda ! *

Some times the warmth of a person shines through even a brief and distant contact. When Linda Brandon and I met in London a few years ago, I was sure a real friendship would start. We had only corresponded over the internet, having met on an online forum, but I knew she was a fantastic woman.
We spent the day together, chatting and walking, and never for a moment found ourselves short of things to say. From then on, we seized every chance to meet !

Linda lives in Phoenix but she is a bit of a globe trotter, and she often fits a short stay in London in her trip. I have happily paid her back a visit in Arizona in 2007: Phoenix is the perfect starting point for a traditional Grand Canyon family holiday ! I had a chance to see Linda's studio and I enjoyed her legendary hospitality with my whole family; and we already have a date for her next visit to London !

Linda is a very skilled portrait painter, who loves painting from life. Her work is as warm as she is, full of life and enthusiasm. In her paintings women, men and children are really alive, expressive, ready to engage with the viewer. Linda's brushwork is fluid, her colours are rich and her tonal range goes from deep darks to luminous highlights.
If there is a person who is encouraging, supportive and positive, this for me is Linda. I am lucky I can count her among my friends.

* If someone is called Linda, it is likely that in Italy she'll get this song sung to her every day :-)

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