Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Alexandra Tyng

My online friendship with Alex started back in 2004 but we only had a chance of seeing each other a couple of years ago when she was visiting London with her family: I finally could experience in person all the warmth, niceness and wisdom that she expressed in her online posts and her messages.

Alex is not only such an amiable lady, she is also an incredibly gifted painter, and a real all rounder. She can produce strong and insightful portraits, airy figurative pieces and luminous bird's eye view landscapes.
I think the success of portraits is the result of her being so perceptive, while her ability at describing space might come from her genes: Alex is the daughter of two architects, one of which is among the gods of modern architecture.

 I like and admire portraits where sitters are actually placed in a precise environment, and Alex seems to love the challenge: she never shies away from complex background, intricate geometric constructions, musical instruments, rooms full of objects.

Her generous and discerning comments on other artists' works only confirm her knowledge of painting.

I hope sooner or later I will manage another meeting with this lovely and extraordinary woman.


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