Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The other flower paintings at Cricket Fine Arts

These are the other three paintings on show at Cricket Fine Arts until the end of July.

" Red roses on gray background" is a painting I have completely reworked hours before the show.
I wanted to try and paint red roses and I originally set them against a very dark background. It wasn't that bad probably but once the painting was framed I felt I was really unhappy with it and made some drastic changes.
I repainted the whole background gray and simplified all the flowers. I completely repainted the last one on the right. I cut a rose from my front garden for that one, vowing, from now on, not to paint greenhouse roses anymore. They are terribly stiff and... well, square. I am much happier with this last rose, a more calligraphic flower.

This is a small oval I painted a couple of months ago. It was also reworked a little just before the show, this is not the actual final painting. There is nothing like a deadline to make me see faults in my work !

The last painting on show is this one of white peonies. I think this is my last attempt with peonies for a while, I find them almost impossible to paint, but I like the shape of the leaves.

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