Thursday, 24 June 2010

BP Portrait Award Show 2010

     In the summer of 1987 I came to London for a summer art course. I was staying at a dormitory in South London. One evening I was sitting in my room, drawing, and another student passed by, saw me and asked: "Are you also an artist ?".  I thought the question was really pretentious, and my efforts overstated. I think I replied, " I am just drawing".

     Twenty three years later I have been handed out a badge saying "Artist" by a major museum. I wore it yesterday at the preview of the BP Portrait Award 2010 but I still felt a bit like an impostor there !

     The day had started with a bit of a commotion, me and my husband had to drive 400 km at night to fetch a son who broke is wrist during a school trip, but ended in heaven. I enjoyed the evening so much that I think I was the last to leave, they practically had to push me out of the door.
     Seeing my painting on the wall of the NPG was very exciting, and I also got to meet other artists. I thought the show was really good this year. I was humbled at how ambitious most paintings were, large sizes, intricate compositions, emotional strength. In comparison my small painting is much more ephemeral, result of a single day of work ( + 20 years of painting !).


I'll cut this post short now, since Italy is playing, but will be back soon with my comments on many paintings from the show.



adebanji said...

WOW!!!! I'm really proud of you!!!!You are looking great too!

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Now that should have been me taking that photo. You look very happy!

Your pic is now on YouTube in my video of the exhibition - see

Ilaria said...

Thank you Banji you are very nice as usual!
Katherine, grrr !
I am so nerdy i just couldn't contail the excitement.
The video is a fantastic idea, and it gives a sense of dimension, much better than just reading the sizes in cm.

Shaun Downey said...

It was great to meet you briefly at the private view! Your painting is incredible.

Ellie said...

Hi! I found your blog because a postcard of the painting you're posing with in this post was sent to me by a friend who saw it in London. I look exactly like the girl in the painting, and I was wondering who she is!

I'm glad to have stumbled upon your paintings-- your work is really beautiful!

Ilaria said...

Ellie, this is a portrait of a dancer who has sat for me a few times. Her name is Geneva Rosett Hafter, this is her website

Thank you for the compliments