Thursday, 8 April 2010

Best breakfast ever

      The past week I have been away for a family holiday in the sun. The hotel was beautiful and very conveniently offered wifi connection everywhere. So here I am yesterday having breakfast with my husband and checking emails on the iPod.
Message from bpaward... I open it without even realizing it is actually the BP Award. Anyway I read the first lines : "Thank you for entering your painting in the above competition.  The judges have now made their final decision and..." at this point I was expecting the usual "I regret to say" instead the message goes on : " I am delighted to inform you.."
I had to read it a couples of time before I understood that my painting has actually been selected for the show. I had a rather hysterical reaction, my husband was quite puzzled.

       It is the fourth time I enter the competition. The first time I tried there still was an age restriction, but then as it got lifted I vowed I would keep entering until I got in. It was a bit of a joke and I never seriously thought I had a chance. Apparently this years the entries were 2100 and the judges selected 58 paintings for the show. During the flight back I calculated my odds were 2.8%.
I sincerely believe that I was very lucky that my work was noticed. On delivery day paintings were arriving by the truckload, and I have seen some amazing works brought in.

Oh, by the way the painting in question is " Geneva" the little profile painting I have been writing about in the previous post. I think its bright colours might have caught the eyes of one of the judges and make him/her come closer. I really hope I will get to meet them at the opening in June and find out more about the selection process.

Anyway the National Portrait Gallery calls the event " the most prestigious portrait competition in the world" and yours truly will be a part of it ! I can't wait to see Geneva hanging in a museum.


Liam O'Farrell said...

Well done! I fell off my chair when i got into the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition! Splendid

Cathy Gatland said...

Congratulations! Your reaction to the news made me smile - the one time I saw the BP show in London 3 years ago, I saw a portrait of someone I know in South Africa and almost jumped out my skin, so I can imagine how you felt - great!!

Ilaria said...

Sorry I had missed your comments, guys. Thank you very very much, can't wait for the private view !