Friday, 4 December 2009

Alex Kanevsky show in London

Now, is there anyone interested in painting that hasn't visited Alex Kanevski's website ?
Alex is a lithuanian painter based in Philadelphia. I have been fascinated by his work ever since I stumbled upon it on internet years ago.
During my most recent virtual visit I realized that some of his works are in London, of all places, at Victor Felix Gallery in Notting Hill.

I just went to see the show this afternoon and wasn't disappointed. They had two paintings on Mylar, L.G. 4 and L.G. with sprained ankle. Actually I was disappointed because I would have liked to see twenty of them. You never get tired to look at these works.

There are a lot of pictures on Kanevsky's website including interesting slide shows which reveal his working method ( no secret, he's just plain good at it) and links to interviews.

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